December 19, 2013

blog update for december 19, 2013

hey everyone!

i hope you all are looking forward to a great holiday season and an even greater new year! :D

the exciting sounds project continues to evolve, and i’m currently in the process of reworking a thing or two here and there.

for a long time, i’ve been incorporating not only old music, but also old movies, advertising, fashion, food packaging, toys and other pop cultural “things” into the overall mission to celebrate and protect. excitingsounds has been equal to retro pop culture in the broadest sense.

i’ve decided, however, that I’m going to make excitingsounds about SOUNDS. essentially, that means vintage music, but also included are spoken word/comedy albums, instructional recordings, test records and so on. the exciting sounds project, in other words, will be about what can be HEARD.

the content on this blog will NOT change, but the overall mission of excitingsounds is going to be geared exclusively toward sounds.

thanks again to everyone who follows and enjoys my work, i do it because this stuff ROCKS!!

-joe @ excitingsounds